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If you need a website that will be constantly changing and don’t want to hire Dream, Design, Develop LLC to perform web site maintenance on your site a Web Content Management System (CMS) is probably best for you. A CMS website design will allow you to update your own content including text, images, calendar items, news, and much more. A CMS provides many dynamic tools to keep your website updated and constantly changing. A CMS website design does cost more upfront to create because there is much more coding and setup involved. However, you won’t be charged the hourly rate for maintenance that is charged on a static site so in the long run you can save money. There are some future CMS maintenance needs to prevent security threats and updates to the newest version. Therefore, your web site maintenance fees will not be completely eliminated.

Dream, Design, Develop LLC can also help with any CMS management you don’t feel comfortable performing or no longer want to manage yourself. For instance, if you had a secretary who previously managed the CMS and perform web site updates, but she left Dream, Design, Develop LLC can take over her duties and continue to update your website with your latest additions of content.

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Other website design services are also available including:

Blog Development
(A type of website with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.)

Ecommerce website design
(A type of website that allows you to sell your products online.)

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