Services Offered:

  • Convert camcorder tapes to CD's/DVD's
  • Convert VHS tapes to CD's/DVD's
  • Convert Audio tapes to mp3 or CD's

Video Editing Options

  • Crop Video/Audio
  • Create Transitions
  • Add Music
  • Add Captions
  • And More!


This video was created while Brandy was at college and she was helping out the university.

  • Men's Basketball (WMV)




Many of us have old video tapes or camcorder tapes that we would like to preserve. VHS tapes lose quality by just sitting on a self or by being played. CD’s/DVD’s are designed to last up to 100 years if handled and stored properly. Dream, Design, Develop LLC will convert those old tapes to CD’s or DVD’s. Our video conversion services are excellent for home movies to preserve your memories. Don’t want the entire tape converted? We also offer professional video editing services to create the video you want. Our video editing services can add music, insert transitions, cut out unwanted segments, add titles and dates, and much more! Whatever your video needs are, Dream, Design, Develop LLC can make it happen.

Dream, Design, Develop LLC also has the capability to convert audio tapes to mp3 or wav files, allowing you to preserve old band concerts or presentations.

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