When looking at available domain names consider these tips:

  • Keep it short and sweet: you want your viewers to be able to remember it and spell it. You will also be
    telling people over the phone. You don’t want to spell the website to everyone you talk to.
  • If possible find a domain name that doesn’t include dashes or underscores
  • Think about different spellings – watch out for right and write type situations
  • Domain names can help you with search engines so look for a name that includes relevant keywords.
  • You can register more than one domain name and point them to one website.

Domain Names

www. what?

Dream, Design, Develop LLC will assist you in finding the perfect domain name for your website. We will provide a domain name check to find available domain names giving you options to choose from.

Your domain name is one of the most important parts of your website. You need to be in control of it! Dream, Design, Develop LLC will work with a domain name registrar to set everything up for you. However, we will make sure you are the person in control. You will be the administrator, and owner of the domain name. This is important no matter who registers your domain name! To find out who is in control of your current domain name visit whois.net.

Your domain name can represent your website marketing strategy and encourage more people to view your site, learn about your product, and purchase your services.

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