Optimization Process

  • Research and analyze keywords and content
  • Create meta-tags and titles
  • Review overall website coding and images
  • Rewrite content as needed
  • Submit to appropriate search engines
  • Submit to appropriate directories
  • Ongoing monitoring and modifications as needed


Why SEO?

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Knowledge Base

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Website Optimization Services


ALL pages Dream, Design, Develop LLC creates are search engine friendly, meaning they can be crawled by search engine spiders and they are visible to search engines. However, unless you optimize it for search engines, you will not be able to help those spiders determine what your website’s purpose is. The spiders will be guessing and odds are they won’t be ranking you high for the keywords where you would like to be found. If you decide not to include SEO as part of your website marketing plan, Dream, Design, Develop LLC can not guarantee that your website will be found.

As a search engine optimization company, Dream, Design, Develop LLC uses only honest, legal methods of optimizing your website for search engines. We do NOT use any hidden or illegal techniques for getting your site ranked. We use the newest search engine optimization techniques to gain higher search engine placement for your website.

Our goal is to get you placed on the top three pages or higher for your key words. Of course, the first place spot is always our top goal. But remember only one website can have that position and your competition is against billions. Click here to find out why we won’t guarantee you top rankings and why you should stay clear of companies that do!

SEO is NOT a one time update on your website. It requires constant tweaking and updating. You need to keep your website content fresh and continue to expand your website. Search engines change their algorithms, internet users change

their habits, technology improves, your company changes, your competition changes, and more. As things change, so should your website. Dream, Design,

Develop LLC offers seo copywriting to help you create new content that targets your key word strategy. Your search engine optimization process is a team effort between you and Dream, Design, Develop LLC. We need your help to locate directories and websites on which to place your site link. We also need you to promote your site in any printed materials, blogs, newsletters, listservs, etc, you post online. You won’t see changes overnight. The process is time consuming and takes a lot of work from you and from us. If we work together, your website will see better rankings.

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